Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?



A young, rookie wrestler with a very warped sense of what it will take to move up the ranks in Super Pro K.O.! His determination is pretty remarkable for a kid in his early 20s.

A cocky, ladies man with 3 World Baseball Series Championship rings. A former right fielder for the Omega City Sammartinos. His newfound interest in pro wrestling baffles and annoys most of the roster. 

a beautiful young ring announcer and backstage announcer. Loves to dance and hit the beach whenever she has free time. She’s a busy young professional after all. 

A huge juggernaut of a Heavyweight being mentored by King Crown Jr.  Former United Pro Boxing Champion made fun of by most of the roster for his stiffness in the wrestling ring. Though, they wouldn’t say it to his face.

A SPKO heavyweight known for his super strength and power. Landed a lead role in the National Disaster action film franchise and he’s cockier than usual because of it.

 A charismatic wrestler in his mid 20s that’s climbing the SPKO ladder at rapid speed. His signature afro and acrobatic moves make him an unforgettable performer.

The current Super Pro K.O.! Heavyweight Champion. Has a slight drinking problem. Everyone hates him. A second-generation star whose fatherprobably would not be happy with his antics.

A manager/valet that’s worked with numerous champions. She currently works with the Wild Childs tag team. She’s also a phenomenal wrestler that hopes to get the Women’s Division of SPKO off the ground.

A saucy bartender that Crown Jr. meets during a pretty crazy night. Way tougher than she looks.


 SPKO Play-by-Play Commentating Team. Respected by all the current stars. Info’s the tall one. Buzzsaw’s the short one and was pretty popular back in the day as a wrestler. 

SPKO Television Director that is also a cousin to Mr. A2 and Glitz. She is very serious about her job and wants to see SPKO programming become a pioneer. Dating wrestler Bolt Roman. Joe Somiano has a small crush on her.