Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?



Westobou Festival This Weekend (October 2nd - 3rd)

I'm heading to Augusta for the Westobou Festival this weekend! I have a pretty cool schedule lined up.

Friday Oct 2nd – 4:30pm – 6pm: Master Class at  the Jessye Norman School of the Arts (August, GA).

  • ·      30-Minute “Pitching Your Comic” Presentation/Reading followed by an open Q & A with students.

Friday Oct 2nd – Evening: 6:15 – 8:30 pm Location: Augusta Common (836 Reynolds St. Augusta, GA 30901)

  • ·      Drawing caricatures of patrons


Saturday, October 3rd - Afternoon: 4pm /  Reading & Signing at The Book Tavern (936 Broad St. Suite 101, Augusta, GA.

This is going to be a lot of fun! The Book Tavern has been awesome enough to let me do a signing during the event.

Saturday Oct 3rd – Evening: 6:15 – 8:30 pm Location: Augusta Common (836 Reynolds St. Augusta, GA 30901)

  • ·      Drawing caricatures of patrons

It'll be a solid weekend. From here, I'll be getting set for New York Comic Con next weekend. So many comics have to get complete before I go so I'll definitely be feeling the #nosleep hashtag I use on instagram every other day :)


Jarrett ( )


Great Times at the Super Pro K.O.! Show

I really enjoyed my talk at USCS the other day. The artists I met had tons of questions about comics, productivity, and inspiration. Those sort of meetings are just as motivational for me to stay focused and to work harder. Thanks to all who came out to the reception at FAB Gallery!

Check out some photos below.

This was one of my favorite legs out of my art trips for sure. Things are really picking up :) I'm already thinking of other galleries I'd like to feature this show. Art Basel in Miami would be the dream. More to come!



Jarrett ( )



Super Pro K.O.! Show : The Incredible World of Jarrett Williams 

It’s been awhile but I’m back! The best part is that Super Pro K.O.! 3 Season is well underway. It all begins with a new exhibition called “The Super Pro K.O.! Show: The Incredible World of Jarrett Williams.” This exhibit is up at the FAB Gallery at South Carolina State University through October 16th. It includes a ton of  work, mostly from Super Pro K.O.: Gold for Glory! coming from Oni Press in early 2016. More on that soon :)

What’s great about having this show is that it gives readers a brand new way to engage my comics.  I owe Giordano Angeletti, a professor at SCSU, for really making this show happen. It’s great having such supportive people in my corner.  Check out some photos below:

Here’s my Artist Statement for the exhibit:

“When it comes to making comics, I have always drawn inspiration from my childhood. I think back to my youth and the things that encouraged me to pursue a creative career in my adulthood. In the mist of the books, comics, board games, LEGO, videogames, cartoons, and movies, there was also one other interest. I was the epitome of a pro-wrestling fan.

Saturdays consisted of my relatives and I watching Midsouth Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment). The real-life heroes of the ring were so amazing to me and my love for wrestling went well beyond college and into the present. When Oni Press decided to publish my original graphic series, Super Pro K.O.! (S.P.K.O.!) , I was beyond ecstatic. This was the result of years of working the comic convention circuit looking to get my big break. I finally had a chance to create a fictional pro-wrestling world where the characters were just as over-the-top as the stars I recalled from my childhood. I used my personal experiences breaking into the comic industry as a frame of reference to showcase my main character, Joe Somiano, rising up the heavyweight-ladder within S.P.K.O.!

This exhibition contains a significant amount work from Super Pro K.O.!: Gold for Glory (releasing in April 2016). This is my third graphic novel, and over 280 pages so I’m truly proud of what I accomplished here. Fun characters, detailed-environments, dynamic energy, comedic writing, and nonstop action--it’s everything I love about comics. I worked on this book over 2.5 years. If I can make the reader feel like they’re experiencing a live, Super Pro K.O.! event, then I’ve been successful at my job. And who knows, it might lead them to become a fellow pro-wrestling fan as well. “

I’m pumped about the artist talk I’ll be giving on Tuesday, September 29th at 2:30pm at the B. Vaughan Recital Hall. I’ll be talking my journey into comics so far and what’s ahead. 2016 is the year! Stay tuned!




The "Glam Stretch"! Don't Tap Out, Sike!

Another page showcasing the awesome wrestling maneuvers in SPKO 3: Gold for Glory!

The Sike vs. Glam rivalry continues this volume. Who'll come out the victor? Stay tuned :)



Food Fight!!!!

Here’s an example of a food fight scene in Super Pro K.O.! #3 and the initial sketch layout (originally in blue pencil).  


You can view the above image on my Tumblr here . My sketches are pretty much rough nonsense and I rarely share them for that reason. I work everything out and tighten things up in the inking phase (my favorite part of comic making).

I was prompted to share this by Patric Reynolds who nominated me for an Artist Sketchbook Challenge. I have to say, this challenge forced me to sit and flip through five sketchbooks I’ve used over the past 2 years. It was pretty cool just going back and seeing what the hell I was doodling. Thanks for forcing me to revisit this stuff!