Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?



Adventure Time & Regular Show Covers 

I'm currently working on some cover ideas for future Regular Show/Adventure Time Comics. I never posted the two I did last year so here you go!

I'm around the clock on Super Pro K.O.! #3 work. It's almost done, I can see the light, and soon 220+ pages of new material will be in your hands! It's been (hands down) the most ambitious, rewarding project I've ever done. I can't wait to see that 3rd book lined up with the other two! It's also been very difficult figuring out what to share because spoilers are not cool. 






New 2014 SPKO Convention Banner

Happy New Year's everyone! I just wanted to kick off the new year showing my new SPKO banner. I love it!

Dan Jackson did an awesome job. Here are the original inks he worked from.

I love how it looks like Butch O' Rowdy is about to swallow Crown Jr. I also wanted to show off S.P.K.O.-Man, who's been popping up a bit more, especially in my mini-comics an other short stories.

I'll be posting my convention circuit really soon. I'm pretty pumped to get back out there and show of these Super Pro K.O.! v3 pages!

Speaking of that, I'm almost done! I'm aiming for Feb to be finally finished but I'm inking the last act of the book and it's really exciting. I took a bit longer to finish this book, and honestly I feel guilty about it some days. But then, when I look at the jump from v2 to v3, I can see where that extra tender, loving, care paid off.

Also, I post lots of pics of progress on my Instagram or Tumblr pages




King Crown Jr. Pre-Match Scratching & SPKO 3 Complete by December

What's up everyone! I'm pretty happy to share one of my favorite panels from Super Pro K.O. 3! 


I think King Crown Jr.s leaned out a bit this volume. Those crunches & diet changes have really paid off. Though he still has a taste for junkfood as you can see from the vending machine in this panel.

I'm on my way to the finish line with SPKO 3! I'm on track to be done by December! It feels great at the moment but my head has been all over the place the past few months. Throughout any book, I feel all sorts of highs and lows. I never really talk about it but I have to really scratch and pull myself out of the feeling of loneliness that comes with the nature of this work sometimes. It doesn't help that my sleep schedule's all over the place too. I've been running and working out a lot throughout this project just to keep my health and mood up. I've felt a much bigger difference this time around thanks to it (especially compared to my time working on SPKO 2). I've also talked to many of my fellow comic industry pals about all of these crazy work nights so at least I know I'm not the only one there pulling the midnight comic run.  

It definitely triggered some positive mojo a few days ago once I took a step back and saw my stack of completed pages. Sometimes you have to take a step back, stop, and really look at what you've accomplished. You have to pat yourself on the back in this comic game. You always acknowledge the small victories. 

Now, I have to sit down and figure out my convention schedule for next year. I know interacting with comic artists and fans/readers alike makes all this hard work totally worth it! I really want to go everywhere. My early thinking: Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con, Heroes Con, San Diego Comic Con, Baltimore Comic Con, New York Comic Con. I also need to setup some comic shop signings. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Oh, I'll be updating my tumblr a bit more in the coming months. You can follow here: 

Alright, I'm back off to work. It's 3am and the grind is real.

Jarrett (#ComicWaveNext)




SPKO Neon Inside Cover Art

Here's the artwork for the SPKO Neon Inside Cover. I was actually considering making it the cover for the mini but decided the Other poster was a lot more interesting. 

Oh Jessica.

King Crown Jr. sitting alone with nachos without a friend in the world. But at least he has the SPKO Heavyweight Championship :P

I've been thinking over stories for the SPKO Neon #2 mini. The SPKO Legends roster has been on my brain a lot these days. In SPKO vol. 3, you really get a better feel for the wrestlers before the present day Super Pro K.O.! crew.  I might explore that a bit in SPKO Neon #2. And speaking of SPKO volume 3, I'll be posting a page from that badboy in a couple of weeks. It's alot harder to show it off without spoilers galore but trust that it's well on its way to completion! I'm so happy with the work in it. I know you will be too!





Some Super Pro K.O. Sketchbook Work

I never really post my sketches so I decided to post this set for you!

Here's a new character that you'll see roaming around in a future SPKO story. I've cut out the panel interiors so there's no spoilers ahead!


She began here as a doodle in my pad. I've been playing around with Prismacolors a bit more so I was trying to narrow down here hair color in particular here. 

I really like the lime green cut on her but time will tell if it stays that way! I think one of the cool part of drawing SPKO is that I change up haircuts and stuff every volume. That keeps it fun for me! I think I'd get bored otherwise. The question is if she had green hair, would she rock a green dress? Or red earrings? Man, dude gear is so much easier for me to map out than female gear. Ladies have so many options as far as clothing and accesory type stuff! :P

I'll post some other doodles in the future. I'm halfway done with SPKO 3 and well on my way to being done completely by October/November at this rate :D Hopefully by that point, I'll be able to post a definitive release date. I'm looking forward to having the holidays open and not worrying about getting it done!

Until next time,