Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?


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SPKO Neon Inside Cover Art

Here's the artwork for the SPKO Neon Inside Cover. I was actually considering making it the cover for the mini but decided the Other poster was a lot more interesting. 

Oh Jessica.

King Crown Jr. sitting alone with nachos without a friend in the world. But at least he has the SPKO Heavyweight Championship :P

I've been thinking over stories for the SPKO Neon #2 mini. The SPKO Legends roster has been on my brain a lot these days. In SPKO vol. 3, you really get a better feel for the wrestlers before the present day Super Pro K.O.! crew.  I might explore that a bit in SPKO Neon #2. And speaking of SPKO volume 3, I'll be posting a page from that badboy in a couple of weeks. It's alot harder to show it off without spoilers galore but trust that it's well on its way to completion! I'm so happy with the work in it. I know you will be too!




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