Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?


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Some Super Pro K.O. Sketchbook Work

I never really post my sketches so I decided to post this set for you!

Here's a new character that you'll see roaming around in a future SPKO story. I've cut out the panel interiors so there's no spoilers ahead!


She began here as a doodle in my pad. I've been playing around with Prismacolors a bit more so I was trying to narrow down here hair color in particular here. 

I really like the lime green cut on her but time will tell if it stays that way! I think one of the cool part of drawing SPKO is that I change up haircuts and stuff every volume. That keeps it fun for me! I think I'd get bored otherwise. The question is if she had green hair, would she rock a green dress? Or red earrings? Man, dude gear is so much easier for me to map out than female gear. Ladies have so many options as far as clothing and accesory type stuff! :P

I'll post some other doodles in the future. I'm halfway done with SPKO 3 and well on my way to being done completely by October/November at this rate :D Hopefully by that point, I'll be able to post a definitive release date. I'm looking forward to having the holidays open and not worrying about getting it done!

Until next time,




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