Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?



The Almighty Crown Jr.

Here’s a pinup I recently finished for fun. I tried to imagine a photo that might appear in SPKO Weekly of King Crown Jr. The lions were pretty cool to draw since I never really draw animals. I used the same scepter Crown Jr. carried in SPKO #1. The throne was pretty standard. I just made it up out of the top of my head. It seemed a bit bare so I thought the checker pattern could make it a bit more interesting. At first, I considered spikes on top of it but it seemed a bit too much.

Here’s the sketch that inspired it. I mainly just shifted the vantage point. I think adding the lion walking in the foreground added a lot to the composition as well.

I gave Crown Jr. a blank expression to represent how he feels about being Super Pro K.O. Heavyweight Champion. Crown’s thinking, “Where’s the competition?” I originally had one of the lions screaming in Jr.’s face but I thought it was a bit more than the vibe I was going for. You can also see, that Crown originally had the belt in his lap but I figured it would be fun for the lion to be guarding it. The crown on the lion was also a cool call I made toward the end of the drawing.

Perhaps Butch O’ Rowdy will have Crown Jr.’s number in SPKO 3? Speaking of SPKO 3....nah. Too soon for that :D But here's the coolest pic I saw online of someone's copy of SPKO 2: Chaos in the Cage.

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Brotherly Bonds

One of my favorite dynamics to address in Super Pro K.O. has been that of the “brotherly bond”. I think The Wildchild’s Jet and Jumbo are the best example.

The SPKO Tag Team Champs travel the road together and seem to annoy each other more often than not. Jumbo’s more out-going and concerned about the views of others. Jet’s more off-putting towards everyone else in the locker-room and even the fans.  Joe Somiano can relate to them both pretty well too. They’ve pretty much become Joe’s road-buddies between cities in Super Pro. However, they don’t mind ditching Joe either. I think their relationship has translated from the script to the comic really well so far. Now, if they can just get some competition in the ring!

Joe Somiano and “Pippo” Somiano

Joe Somiano and Pippo Somiano are a bit different. They get along really well but that’ s mainly because of the age difference. Joe is 22 while Pippo is 17. Joe really played the older brother role well during their childhood.  Pippo’s currently in the 11th grade and definitely touts that his brother’s in SPKO among his peers. They mainly communicate by phone. Pippo really looks up to Joe. In fact, he’s probably the one person to not judge Joe so harshly after he dropped out of school.  With Pippo being a little rebellious, he sees Joe being on TV as something he may want to obtain himself one day. 

In both cases, I recall my brother’s relationship with me over the years (and even certain friendships).  The ups and downs all make for a fun dynamic.


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SPKO's Ice Angel, Jarrett Williams #Heel



Update: Totally written like I would write a villain in Super Pro K.O.! 

Yeah, I think I’ve got this look down.  I’m looking like a Harlem Renaissance!! (Mwah) Hahaha. Daniel Mai, you’re the best photographer around man. But…next time, I’m gonna need some Green M&Ms on set or I won’t create the photo magic.  #realtalk

So yeah, since you’re here, I guess you’re looking for something on Super Pro K.O. right? Well, tough ta-tas. Look, S.P.K.O. ain’t a spot for the weak of heart. That comic is for the high rollers and show-boaters. You don’t belong here. If you don’t have the gift (like me), don’t bother. See, I grew up with the talent man. New Orleans breeds ‘em tough. Hahaha. What can I say, you either have “it” or you don’t. Apparently, any schmuck off the street thinks he can hang in the SPKO posse these days: Joe Somiano, Romeo Colossus, Bad Bad Butch O’ Rowdy, they just let any rollie-pollie up in here. I blame Puffy for that one. The old guy, he means well, but he’s sorta off his rockers.

And in case you didn’t know (which you don’t), my buddy , and fellow comic pro, Wook Jin Clark modified this otherwise, lame a** PG belt. Thanks for the gift homie. Hope Portland is treating you better than that craptastic ATL. Here’s an up-close shot for those of ya’ trying to scope it out….

Wait, are you laughing at me?! That’s right, “Best Black Friend”. That’s what it says. Get your chuckle on. But at least when I look in the mirror, I see this fine piece of gold everyday in everyway. You don’t have anything. But you’re accustomed to that. You’re just… :(

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Super Pro K.O.! #2: Chaos in the Cage is out in Comic Book Shops and Stores NOW! Cop it before your friends realize you’re not on it already. lame. And Super Pro K.O.!#1 should already be on your shelf. Also of note, Ice Angel was my nickname during the SeqaLab years.


That Damn Cage!

Ok. So you know how you have this great idea and you’re 100 percent sure it’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever drawn, attempted, etc. I figured introducing the 25 ft Steel Cage into SPKO  2 would be that thing. Well, two pages in, I was already over it. I’ve gotten some great feedback from readers about it so I’m glad it came across well.

The cage represented a couple things including Joe’s mental stability and how he felt “caged” in his current position. In other ways, King Crown Jr.’s place on top of the cage during his match was even more symbolic of his status within Super Pro K.O.! All of that aside though, I actually had to sit and draw the damn thing. And yeah, it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

At first I planned on actually weaving together each cage link but time wasn’t on my side there. I figured it would be best to just focus on the dimensions and have the planes actually make sense as far as depth was concerned.  I was completely drained by the end of this sequence. I still look back on it in horror. Mainly because I created something that I eventually hated so strongly over a span of 20 pages or so.

But I guess the mantra of the story dictating the art, not the other way around, rings true here. (cliché of the week). Side note: I was thinking about eventually including a variation on the 3-Tier cage from the later WCW years. I thought it was the coolest visual when I was a kid. Maybe that’s best saved for a later volume. It'll take me a book or so to recover from this monstrosity. 

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I usually doodle an hour or so to get warmed up for pages, or just inking in general. Here’s a doodle I did before working on some pages tonight.

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