Joe Somiano risked it all by dropping out of college to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pro wrestler, much to the disapproval of his father. King Crown Jr. is a second-generation pro-wrestler, and current Heavyweight Champion of Super Pro. K.O.!, that drinks more than he trains. Will Joe ever get a shot at wearing the SPKO Title? And will King Crown Jr. stay focused enough to defend the Championship  at any costs?



"The Other" Poster (Mini-Comic Bundle!)

Yo! Check out the bonus poster I'm bundling with my Super Pro K.O.! mini-comic at Heroes Con this summer! Colors by Dan Jackson! It's of one of my favorite wrestlers in the comic, "The Other". Don't ask what he's doing or why. Slime bath? Here are the original inks:

As you can see, Dan's colors really add so much! There are some fun things hidden here, like the "King Crown Jr. vs. El Heroe 3" VHS tape. I can't wait to get these out there. It also looks great next to last year's poster of El Heroe and El Heroe Jr.

I'm almost done with the mini-comic which is over 20+ pages of S.P.K.O.! goodness! And then there's the actual cover but more on that in the next update!





S.P.K.O.! 2013 Mini & S.P.K.O.! v3 Progress

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I traveled to San Francisco for a week and it's been a whirlwind month overall. Check out some pages from my new S.P.K.O.! mini for Heroes Con!

This mini-comic is a nice little wedge between S.P.K.O. v2 and v3 so there's some nice cameo appearances inside.

As you can see, it's all about a small Game Night Rivalry between Joe and his bro, Sike. It's been so easy to draw since it's drawn from some pretty spot-on experiences between my friends and I. I'll definitely have a link available here when it's done. I'll have a print run of just over 100 copies and there's a nice bonus in store too but more on that later.

 I'm just shy of the halfway point of S.P.K.O.! 3: Gold for Glory! I'm set to be done by the end of August so it's about to become super crunch time for me. I need some energy like Bolt Roman has below:

I'm actually motivated to get v3 done before my birthday in September. Then, I can really celebrate! I get asked about its progress pretty regularly now which is awesome. That's the main reason why I'm getting this mini-comic in solid shape (for you, the S.P.K.O. Faithful!). Hopefully, it'll hold you over until the next volume! What I love is how seamless this is beginning to feel drawing it. I enjoy hearing about character's I don't expect readers to gravitate towards (The Other and The Wildchilds seem to be faves). I've made it a point to give them a moment or two to shine in v3 outside of Crown Jr. and Joe Somiano. I'll share a page or two once I get a little further along. 




Sensational Sike, Super Pro K.O.! After Dark Adventures

I've been drawing ALOT of Sensational Sike comics lately. I'd like to release a special Sike comic before S.P.K.O.! v3 comes out, maybe a digital comic or special mini-comic even? We'll see. Here's a sneak peek of his adventures to come.




Bucky Buzzsaw, Flying High & Classic Matches from the S.P.K.O.! Vault

Here's what I'm working on at the moment. I think I could draw Bucky Buzzsaw flying around in the Buzz Copter all day!

I've been definitely been giving the fans a bit more detail in S.P.K.O.! #3. This book is oozing with secrets hidden in the backgrounds. Will you find them all?

Also, I had a pretty cool Match from the Vault exclusively on Comixology awhile back. It was of Bucky Buzzsaw vs. King Crown Jr. I'm debating including it in SPKO 3 so others can see it but we'll see. Here's a peek of Young Buzzsaw for you.


This is also one of my favorite layouts from the comic. I guess Bucky Buzzsaw has put on about 50-60 lbs in the past several years since he's been a commentator :D I can say that he use to dye his hair too. It's my ultimate vision for readers to really get the full spectrum of S.P.K.O.! history & progress over the course of this comic. Maybe one day I'll reveal why Buzzsaw made the transition from wrestler to commentator? That's why the Matches from the Vault are such a big deal to me. In the extra section of S.P.K.O.! 2: Chaos in the Cage! you also can see a Classic Match with Crown Jr. and Mr. Billion Moneybucks. Here's a peek of that one below too:

So far, King Crown Jr. has been a consistent figure in all the Classic Matches but that may not always be the case :D As a wrestling fan, it's pretty cool going back and watching some of today's stars just starting out. It's important I capture that in S.P.K.O. too. That's one of the few concepts that seemed to really come to frutition from my original pitch of the series to Oni Press. 

Also, If you haven't ordered S.P.K.O.! 1 or 2 digitally, you can find them here: . I'm a big supporter of digi comics and am happy many have downloaded S.P.K.O. to their e-readers so far. Keep spreading the word! On that note, I'm off to get back to work on S.P.K.O.! #3. 




Super Pro K.O.! Vol. 3 Update & Panel Edits, Official Marvel Handbook Reduxe Edition

It's been awhile since I've updated how progress on SPKO #3 has been going. Here's a small peak from Glam and Sike's matchup. 

There's something about Glam on his knees resting against the ropes that show's me how comfortable I'm becoming with these characters. The whole time I'm drawing the matches, I try to imagine how they'd maneuver around the ring. How would Glam or King Crown Jr. taunt their rivals? How would Sike or Joe enter and leave the ring? I'm noticing that sort of thing even more when I watch live matches now. Why did this wrestler look at the camera or interact with the fans that way? What sort of emotions does that draw out of the viewer at home?  Again, I could go on and on here.

Also, I never really show fix-ups too much. Here's an instance where I really hated how I was approaching a shot with Jessica Loveless. 

I hated this panel on so many levels. Not only was Jessica off-model but the shot didn't say anything about her cute/flirty interviewer personality. Also, it looked like I chewed on the bottom corner of this page for some reason.

In the fix-up, I decided to move the camera slightly behind her so we got a little more shoulder action. Overall, I pulled out a bit more just so we can have a small hint of the space she's in. This works better too since it's the final shot on this page. I placed her hand on the door in the background to setup a nice reveal after the page turn. (Ah, the power of turning the page). I was a lot happier with this edit. Of course, this panel still had some more work to be done but this just gives you an idea of what sorts of things I'm obsessing over these days.

I hope you like this. I'm a good chunk of the way into SPKO 3: Gold for Glory! I'm juggling a couple projects now and I'll have more to show soon!

Speaking of a fun side-project, be sure to check out my work on the Official Marvel Handbook: Reduxe Edition. It's been pretty cool to draw some of my favorite heroes & villains. Many artists have contributed and I've drawn Juggernaut, Quicksilver, and Iceman so far (with a couple more left). You can see them all here: